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Dennis A. Robbins Ph.D., M.P.H.

1Dennis Robbins ( is a prominent health care innovator, author and thought leader. Robbins has worked extensively on the interface of ethics with quality, liability, payment systems, health law, and health policy for almost three decades. He has served as an advisor on ethics and related issues for major national organizations, associations, law firms, hospital systems, and government. He is respected for his extensive work on ethics and payment systems and was honored by Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine as among the top ten “keenest thinkers” in managed care. Robbins was a National Fund for Medical Education Fellow in the Kennedy Interfaculty Program at Harvard, where he was a visiting scholar and research fellow in ethics. Dr. Robbins holds a PhD in Philosophy from Boston College and a postdoctoral Masters in Public Health from Harvard. He is president of Integrated Decisions, Ethics, Alternatives, and Solutions (IDEAS) and co-founder of the Policy Group. Dr Robbins is best known for his work in health care ethics as related to managed care, ethics and health policy and end of life decision making. His dynamic and engaging personality will make your program a success.


Interactive Keynote panel for the National Managed Health Care Congress 2004





Interview on the Health Channel on Legal and Ethical Issues in Managed Care


Interview on the Integrated Policy by Princeton Insurance and the Health Care Information Network.  This model policy created by Dr. Robbins served as a template for many law firms, state associations, hospitals and hospital systems, long term care and home health facilities across the nation in response to uncertainties dealing with end of life decision making.


TV Interview/call in on end of life issues


TV interview on "Rosebush" an end of life/political issue akin to Schiavo in Michigan in which Dr Robbins served as a consultant. Dr Robbins has been involved with or interacted with stakeholders in many of these major cases including Quinlan, Cruzan, Saikewicz, Spring, Rosebush, and others as well as with the President's Commission on Ethical Issues in Biomedicine and Biomedical Research, state legislatures, medical and hospital assns,, and prominent health law firms.